Bar Exam Tutor FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for TBT – The Bar Tutor

Why do law graduates need a bar examination tutor, regardless of the caliber of student?

Though law school professors are qualified to teach students the law, they usually use the Socratic method by posing questions to students about textbook case law and codes. This method promotes individual thought. However, the Socratic method focuses on certain cognitive steps and ignores others, including feedback that students may need to understand their personal errors in analysis. Many professors will often pose questions to students about case facts and rationales without properly explaining the actual rules that should be gleaned from the cases. More importantly, many professors do not explain to students how to be versatile in applying these gleaned rules to different fact patterns, which is an important skill that students must use in law school exams. This process of teaching misleads students into believing that they understand how to properly answer an exam. Once these students begin studying for the bar exam, they often find that they are ill-prepared for the examination and the rigorous requirements that come with it. TBT – The Bar Tutor teaches students how to glean rules and how to apply these rules to various fact patterns through a proper analysis.

Shouldn’t I try to work on my own first and wait until I receive my results before hiring The Bar Tutor?

Many employers have a very strict and demanding hiring process to determine if the law graduate will be a good fit for their team. Some of the factors they consider include whether the graduate passed the bar exam the first time they took it. Not only is it a good idea to pass the exam the first time, it is also a stress-reliever to not need to take the exam multiple times. We recommend doing it right the first time and getting all of the help you need from The Bar Tutor in order to properly prepare.

I graduated at the top of my class, why do I need a bar exam tutor?

Many law graduates who were at the top of their class did not pass the bar examination on their first attempt. In addition, in many states, only approximately 50% of the graduates who take the bar exam actually pass it. These factors should be taken into consideration when feeling comfortable with preparing for the exam on your own.

My school offers some help in preparing for the bar exam, why would I still need tutoring?

Though some law schools offer assistance in preparing for the bar exam, many students find that this help is not adequate for passing the bar exam. Professors rarely dedicate personal one-on-one attention to individual students by critiquing answers to practice exams. TBT – The Bar Tutor handles these issues by properly addressing each student’s questions and critiquing their answers to practice exams.

I do not know the law yet, why should I use a tutor before I have learned the law?

There is a misconception that students can do really well by waiting until they have learned and memorized all bar exam material before taking practice exams. This misconception can be attributed to the student’s history in achieving success during school by using a similar method.

Law graduates who leave virtually no time for practice examinations, risk failing the bar exam. The Bar Tutor addresses this issue by teaching students how to answer practice exams while they are still learning the law.

When is the best time to hire The Bar Tutor?

For best results, students should hire The Bar Tutor during the first two months the student has set aside to prepare for the bar examination. The earlier students meet with The Bar Tutor, the sooner they receive feedback. This schedule ensures that TBT – The Bar Tutor’s students are prepared when it is most crucial and beneficial to improve the student’s ability to pass the bar exam.

What trends does The Bar Tutor see in students who tutor with The Bar Tutor?

Students who are really diligent tend to pass the bar exam on their first attempt. Students who have failed the bar and then decided to hire The Bar Tutor for their second attempt, quickly realize that they should have implemented a more rigorous practice exam schedule. The students who were successful did the following:

1) they met with The Bar Tutor on a weekly basis,

2) they did not let outlining or reading take precedence over meeting with The Bar Tutor,

3) they asked The Bar Tutor many questions in person when reviewing their exam answers,

4) they answered several exams per subject,

5) they reviewed a significant amount of material during each session, and

6) they reviewed each subject with The Bar Tutor.

What materials do students receive from Bar Exam Tutor?

Upon payment, The Bar Tutor provides the student with tutoring material, according to the student’s needs, including rules, tips, and exams.

How is tutoring scheduled?

Once payment is made, The Bar Tutor sets a tutoring schedule with the student to meet with the student and review the student’s exam answers and progress. The Bar Tutor typically sets a schedule with each student to meet once per week for a minimum of one hour.

Do The Bar Tutor’s prices and hourly packages increase?

Typically, The Bar Tutor’s prices and hourly purchase requirements increase around each state bar exam, typically in the months leading up to the February bar exam and the July bar exam.

How can I obtain more information regarding The Bar Tutor’s services, prices and package plans?

To obtain information on The Bar Tutor’s services, prices and plans, please contact The Bar Tutor by sending an email from your law school email address to