The Bar Tutor Testimonials & Success Stories

“I decided to hire The Bar Tutor to prepare for the bar exam because they were so helpful to me during law school. I’m so glad that I did because I passed the California bar exam on my first attempt.”
– A.B., Law School Graduate, Whittier Law School

“My tutor was enthusiastic and gave a great explanation about the law tutor program and getting a Massachusetts bar exam tutor.”
– D.W., Law School Graduate, Harvard Law School

“I couldn’t believe that attending a Tier I law school would still make me feel like I was not able to completely master my exam test-taking skills. TBT The Bar Tutor helps students do this by diving into each individual’s weaknesses.”
– J.N., Law Student, Yale Law School

“I hired LST after I was academically dismissed from law school. With LST’s help, I was readmitted into law school and then received the highest grades in my classes, and obtained at least five CALI Awards. I am also really glad that they created TBT The Bar Tutor, which I am likely to use once I decide to take the California bar exam.”
– A.S., Law Student, Whittier Law School

“I really needed help with legal writing before law school so that I could figure out how to approach exams beforehand. Once I figured that out with LST’s direction, my writing skills improved. I am now interested in TBT The Bar Tutor for bar exam tutoring.”
– R.G., Law Student, Columbia University Law School

“I hired LST to help me in all of my classes. It was really comforting to know that I could use my tutoring package toward any of my classess during the semester. During my first session, my tutor spotted about 20 exam errors and picked up on some of my bad habits. It was great having another set of eyes to see how I answer exams. That way I was able to fix my habits before going into finals. Now I’m ready to take the bar exam and practice!”
– Lisa, Law Student, Fordham University School of Law

“I reached out to LST – Law School Tutor because I was seeking a Constitutional Law tutor for my upcoming final. I was really excited to hear that they also help students prepare for the bar exam through their TBT The Bar Tutor program.”
– A.G., Law Student, Pace University School of Law

“I hired LST and received the highest grades in my classes. I then transferred back to a law school in New York, where I wanted to practice law. I was really impressed by their services, which inspired me to be a New York law tutor. I am still in touch with the founder and I am so delighted to see quality services come into the bar exam prep field.”
– J.M., Law Student, NYU School of Law

“I stumbled upon LST when I was looking for a New York law tutor. I really needed help during my 1L year and I was really impressed by the follow-through with LST. They were there for me, month after month, during that year which was so difficult for me. The quality of their feedback is exactly what we need when preparing for the New York bar exam.”
– L.D., Law Student, New York Law School

“I needed a tutoring program that was flexible with my schedule. Both LST and TBT provide that to their law school students.”
– Alex, Law Student, Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center

“My mom contacted LST on my behalf because I needed help with my first year of law school. I received Cs, Ds, and an F in my classes, which was really abnormal for me. I realized I had problems answering essays and figured out how to adjust to my learning disabilities. I look forward to progressing and reaching out to TBT The Bar Tutor when I am ready to take the bar exam.”
– Maria Z., Law Student, Hofstra University School of Law

“TBT The Bar Tutor was really knowledgeable on how to approach the tough subject material that I struggled with in law school including Evidence, Civil Procedure, and Criminal Law.”
– C. L., Law Student, Brooklyn Law School

“I couldn’t believe I stumbled upon this company at the end of my three years in law school. I really needed this type of help early on, especially during my 1L year.”
– H.S., Law Student, University of Pennsylvania Law School

“I studied a lot, and also used books and seminars given by major bar exam prep companies, thinking that this would be the best way for me to succeed in law school. However, I still received a GPA that was below a 2.0. Thank goodness I came across LST – Law School Tutor. I am also looking forward to using their TBT Bar Exam Tutor program once I finish law school.”
– T.N., Law Student, Villanova University School of Law

“Law school tutoring helped me during my 1L year. Unfortunately, my father found LST right before my finals during my second semester. I only had a few weeks to review exams with Law School Tutor, because we found this business late in the game. Had I found LST – Law School Tutor during my first semester of my 1L year, I would not have had those bad grades to carry with me into my second semester. I quickly found out how difficult it is to bring up a GPA from a semester of bad grades. Now I know why law students need to act quickly when signing up. I wonder what types of grades I would have had, had I been proactive in getting LST’s help earlier in law school. I am so glad the founder created a bar exam review course so that we would also have access to great feedback when preparing for the bar exam.”
– P.B., Law Student, Duquesne University School of Law

“I was juggling a lot during law school and I had extenuating circumstances, so I was really interested in hiring a Pennsylvania law tutor. I received a 2.49 GPA and was concerned about being able to transfer into the school of my dreams. LST – Law School Tutor was really helpful in answering all of my questions about their program and I really appreciate the founder keeping me updated with additional programs like their bar exam tutoring program, which I know my classmates will appreciate.”
– Daphne P., Law Student, Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law (formerly Earle Mack School of Law)

“I hired LST to make sure that I completely understood all of my subjects. Because of LST’s help, I was able to transfer, obtain a judicial clerkship, and fill a coveted, prestigious position at a BigLaw firm. I’m so glad I was able to find a California law tutor and it was a nice feeling to pass the most difficult bar exam on my first attempt. TBT The Bar Tutor is a service I know many other graduates will need to hone their bar exam test-taking skills.”
– P.H., Law Student, USC Gould School of Law

“I struggle with a learning disability. I hired LST because I was dismissed from law school and then readmitted, contingent on performing well in my classes. The pressure was on and my law tutor helped me successfully obtain a high enough grade so that I could stay in school and then transfer into another school.”
– S.R., Law Student, University of San Francisco

“I contacted LST because I couldn’t believe that classmates were able to get an advantage over me – I had no idea that Connecticut law tutors existed for law school. After speaking with them, I realized how competitive law school was and why I was not at the top of my class. I’m sure their bar exam prep courses are going to be just as helpful once I graduate law school and begin to think about taking the bar.”
– Sarah, Law Student, Quinnipiac University School of Law

“I heard about LST from colleagues and I realized that I would not be able to succeed like they did unless I gained the advantage of having a law tutor. I had assumed that bar exam tutoring existed but I did not know that tutoring for law school existed.”
– John B., Law Student, University of Connecticut School of Law

“I contacted LST after I was struggling with my grades and not successfully improving on my own. I couldn’t believe that LST followed up with me on six occasions to see how I was doing in law school. Most bar exam prep companies are really impersonal so I was happy to see that LST’s founder created a bar prep company as well. That kind of personal touch is really needed in the bar exam industry.”
– C.P., Law Student, Birmingham School of Law

“LST gave me great input on how to resolve my academic problems and fix my low grades in law school. I plan to use their services for the bar exam as well.”
– John P., Law Student, University of Alabama School of Law, Alabama Law School

“I was looking for someone to help me in law school in Alabama. LST provides an in-depth and hands-on experience for students who need to petition for readmission into law school. Then, once the students are readmitted, they begin tutoring by pushing students and requiring them to turn in their best work. Students really should have been aware of this program before they got to the point of being expelled. Fortunately, LST graciously comes in and fills the gap by lending a helping hand to these students, with no judgment. They get a fresh start with LST. Their TBT program will be a great addition for all law school graduates.”
– Thomas S., Law Student, Cumberland School of Law, Samford University, Samford Law School

“I contacted LST after I was struggling with my grades and thought that perhaps an Alabama tutor would be able to help me in law school. LST’s follow-through was the most impressive experience I had with a company. They are fully invested in students’ success to the point where they will reach out to you and ask how you are doing in law school. You do not fall off the grid with them, and you’re not just a number.”
– James L., Law Student, Thomas Goode Jones School of Law, Faulkner University

“I was struggling with my classes during my 1L year so I contacted LST for advice on how to raise my grades so that I could meet my goal, which was to obtain a GPA over 3.5. I was surprised to see they also assist students with preparing for the bar exam. I think this is a wise apporach considering how involved they are with their law school students. They’ll receive really great feedback on how to take the bar.”
– R. Lee, Law Student, UCLA School of Law

“LST – Law School Tutor discussed my inquiry about wanting a Michigan law tutor and helped me figure out how I can raise my GPA during my 2L year.”
– C.L., Law Student, Michigan State University College of Law

“I contacted LST because I needed help with my first year classes, particularly Criminal Law.”
– J.G., Law Student, University of Michigan, Michigan Law

“I contacted LST – Law School Tutor, because I was at risk of losing my scholarship after receiving low grades from my first semester of my 1L year. I had a study group my first semester. However, I realized that one-on-one tutoring would be more helpful for me during my second semester.”
– J.P., Law Student, University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law

“It would have been a huge benefit for me to find LST’s one-on-one tutoring program at an earlier stage of my legal career. I graduated from law school and was exposed to several bar exam programs. I took the California bar exam with the guidance of other programs. However, I failed the bar exam. Then I took the bar a second time, using Themis, only about eight weeks after I received my results from the first bar exam. I should have managed my time and taken the second attempt more seriously, knowing that it is nearly impossible to cram so many subject into 8 weeks. Themis made the program seem user-friendly because it was online. However, I did not realize just how much more I would have learned had I had physical study materials with me where I could go back and mark up questions I missed and make notations on new rules that came out of the multistate bar examination questions. This would have been useful for me to add to my outlines for the bar. I finally decided to hire LST as a private bar exam tutor. This helped me understand that I should not just be relying on some small package of 40-some MBEs. I should be going through four packets of full-day MBEs, which contain 800 multiple choice questions. I also did not realize that I should be initially practicing my essay questions by using my study materials. Nor did I catch the fact that I was failing to argue both sides in my IRACs. LST taught me how to organize all of my issues and lay out my headers so that bar exam graders will find it easier to grade my exam.”
– C.B, Law Student, Northwestern California University School of Law

“LST helped me with my need for a tutor during my 2L year, particularly for my Evidence class.”
– J.B., Law Student, Pepperdine School of Law

“I struggled in Con Law and Writing, and was so thankful I came across LST when I needed them most.”
– S.O., Law Student,  University of California, Berkeley School of Law, Berkeley Law, UC Berkeley Law School

“I contacted LST – Law School Tutor during my 1L year, seeking an Illinois law tutor. They were extremely helpful and I was impressed that they spoke with me on five separate occasions when I was trying to decide on a tutoring package.”
– Nathan H., Law Student, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology

“I contacted LST after I was expelled from law school. They were helpful in answering my questions on how to be readmitted. They also provided strategic advice on how to make my goals happen after trying to do it on my own and receiving a 1.5 GPA.”
– Nicole M., Law Student, John Marshall Law School

“I was a 1L struggling with Civ Pro, Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law. I felt lost and didn’t have any midterms by which I could judge how I was doing during the semester. Then I purchased Examples & Explanations books which only added to my reading and kept me from practicing and getting to my actual weaknesses. LST gets to the bottom and helps eliminate all of the excessive reading that students tend to do during their first year.”
– M.N., Law Student, The University of Georgia School of Law

“I was seeking a Chicago law tutor. LST was really great at providing quick responses and assuring me that I would have a tutor who is completely qualified.”
– Eric W., Law Student, Northwestern University School of Law

“I have a learning disability and received a GPA below 2.0, which put me at risk for being dismissed from law school, so I reached out looking for a Nebraska law tutor.”
– Zack H., Law Student, Creighton University School of Law

“During law school, I received such on-point advice when I contacted LST – Law School Tutor that I was inspired to apply to become a Washington DC tutor after graduating.”
– John A., Law Student, Georgetown University Law Center

“I transferred into Loyola from another law school and sought LST’s help so that I could master my law school exams at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. LST helped me in my first semester after transferring and I am currently using LST for my second semester at Loyola.”
– S.S., Law Student, Loyola University Chicago School of Law

“I wanted a Tennessee law tutor because I needed help on a weekly basis during my 1L year.”
– H.C., Law Student,  Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law, University of Memphis

“I looked for a Virginia law tutor. I realized that I needed more help than I received in law school in order to be fully prepared for the bar exam. LST provides great hands-on help to prepare law students.”
– A.S., Law Student, Liberty University, Christian School of Law

“I really loved how LST was able to answer all of my questions and was really diligent in following up with my inquiry, even though I was really hard to get in touch with during my hectic class schedule.”
– Stephanie, Law Student, University of Virginia School of Law

“I wanted a tutor for law school even before I started my first year because I had been so wisely advised that law school was difficult and would be unlike undergrad.”
– Sarah, Law Student, University of Richmond School of Law

“LST was a great help to me when I was searching for an Arizona law tutor.”
– Anne S., Law Student, Arizona Summit Law School (formerly Phoenix School of Law), Arizona Law, Phoenix Law

“LST was really knowledgeable.”
– J.L., Law Student, University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, UofA Law, U of A Law School

“I was able to analyze on exams but then I realized that I did not write enough. I contacted LST after I signed up with another tutoring program with an Iowa law tutor, because I was not completely happy with the services they were performing.”
– D.K., Law Student, Drake University Law School

“I contacted LST because I really needed a Kansas law tutor to help on my exams.”
– Mark M., Law Student, University of Kansas School of Law

“I was trying to tutor students in writing and was also earning a second degree, where I was required to do research. I tutored with LST and received great direction with my legal research and writing paper. I’m hoping to obtain a clerkship once I finish.”
– Jennifer F., JD and Masters, Washburn University School of Law

“I contacted LST because I struggled so much during school that I realized I’d eventually need help to fully prepare me for the bar exam.”
– L.D., Law Student, University of Montana School of Law

“I needed help with Contracts and Property so I thought that I should hire a Missouri law tutor. LST was able to answer my questions about how I should improve my grades.”
– I.C., Law Student, University of Missouri-Kansas City, UMKC Law

“I did not know law school would be so challenging for me until I was expelled from David A. Clarke School of Law. I then contacted LST for help because I needed to take classes at another law school before raising my GPA enough to then transfer into a third law school.”
– Dave, Law Student, University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law

“I was really concerned that I would not be able to produce excellent writing samples. LST taught me how to be short and concise for my writing class.”
– O.L., Law Student, George Mason University School of Law

“I really needed help with my first year classes and I was glad to find Florida law tutors who help with Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Law.”
– Michelle D., Law Student, Shepard Broad Law Center, Nova Southeastern University

“I did not realize how much information I was lacking in my practice exam answers until my tutor reviewed the exams they graded for me. I’m so glad I did not enter into my final exam testing location without catching these errors ahead of time.”
– A.V., Law Student, Howard University School of Law

“I really struggled during my 1L year. LST helped me figure out what I needed to do in order to improve.”
– Larry B., Law Student, The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law

“I looked for a Kentucky law tutor. When I contacted LST, it became evident to me that they were knowledgeable in the subjects that they tutor. LST really helped me through my legal studies and my tutor even presented additional exam hypothetical scenarios to me during my meetings, which were very helpful. LST was there for me when my own professors were not available and I could ask LST questions that I did not feel comfortable asking during my professors’ classes.”
– Chadwick Seiter, Law Student, Northern Kentucky University, Chase College of Law

“I wanted to raise my grades because I wanted to get onto moot court.”
– K.K., Law Student, University of Nebraska College of Law

“I contacted LST during my 2L year because I needed help with my Business Associations and Con Law classes. LST helped me address what I needed to change in order to succeed and not repeat the mistakes I made during my 1L year.”
– Andrew C., Law Student, University of Detroit Mercy School of Law

“LST helped guide me in the process of trying to transfer into Washington College of Law, American University.”
– D.S., Law Student, Washington College of Law, American University

“I needed a tutor because I was struggling so much that I was dropping classes in order to handle the workload.”
– T.M., Law Student,  Nashville School of Law

“I contacted LST and they guided me in the process of how to handle law school after taking medical leave.”
– Josh G., Law Student, The George Washington University, GW Law

“It took me awhile to realize my short-comings during my 1L year. I was looking for a Maine law tutor. I contacted LST after I realized I needed help with Con Law, Contracts, and Torts.”
– Candice I., Law Student, University of Maine School of Law

“I wanted to work myself up and obtain my law degree so that I could practice law at my husband’s law firm. I hired LST so that I could use their difficult practice exams in order to prepare for the baby bar exam.”
– S.B., paralegal

“When I contacted LST, I was looking for an Oklahoma law tutor. I realized that LST was going to be able to assist me in areas where my own professors were not able to help me. Thankfully, my tutor was really understanding of my hectic schedule as a father.”
– M.A., Law Student, University of Oklahoma, College of Law

“I needed a tutor because I felt like I was not fully prepared by just attending my classes and doing things that other individuals told me to do like outlining, briefing, and reading.”
– Chris S., Law Student, Boston College Law School

“LST – Law School Tutor helped me after I was academically dismissed from the law school I was attending.”
– Sarah P., Law Student, Florida Coastal School of Law

“I transferred from another school and was concerned about performing well during my 2L year. LST – Law School Tutor helped guide me on how to handle my new classes.”
– Katie S., Law Student, University of Minnesota Law School, Walter F. Mondale Hall

“I needed LST because I received really bad grades during my 1L year. When I tried to tackle law school on my own, I received Cs and Ds, which gave me a 1.6 GPA. I realized I needed LST because I needed to have a GPA over 2.0 within the next semester, in order to stay in school.”
– A. Clark, Law Student, Capital University Law School

“LST helped me prepare for my 1L classes. Because first year law school final exams are so difficult, I was thrilled to find LST as my go-to resource.”
– D.J., Law Student, Ohio State University, Moritz College of Law

“I needed a lot of help during law school because I struggled with a learning disability and received a 2.2 GPA when I tried doing everything on my own, without any help.”
– P.H., Law Student, University of Tulsa College of Law

“I’m so happy I stumbled upon LST, when I was looking for a New Jersey law tutor. Their tutoring services helped me through my most difficult classes. It was such a blessing to be able to reach out to someone on a regular basis and review material that I did not understand.”
– M.D., Law Student, Seton Hall University School of Law

“I contacted LST because I needed help with my exam test-taking skills.”
– Christina, Law Student, DePaul University College of Law

“I sought a tutor because I had a 2.4 GPA.”
– Luis T., Law Student, Barry University, Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law

“I sought an Oregon law tutor because the grades I earned in the first year of law school were lower than I was capable.”
– Ben H., Law Student, Willamette University College of Law

“With LST’s help, I was able to obtain high grades so that I could transfer back to a law school in my home state and be near my family.”
– P.E., Law Student, SMU, Dedman School of Law, Southern Methodist University

“My mom contacted LST for me because I originally thought I did well on my exams but, instead, I received really low grades.”
– Bobby S., Law Student, Oklahoma City University School of Law

“LST helped me raise my grades so that I could transfer back to a law school that was located in a state where I wanted to graduate and practice law.”
– J.D., Law Student, Rutgers School of Law in Camden, Rutgers University

“I contacted LST – Law School Tutor, after I was dismissed from school because of low grades. I needed to petition for readmission into law school and LST was really helpful in guiding me in that process.”
– D.R., Law Student, Western Michigan University, Cooley Law School

“I contacted TBT during my first year of law school. They were incredibly informative and kept in touch with me during the three years I attended law school. Now I feel like I’m ready to go through the bar exam.”
– Emily D, Law Student, Wayne State University Law School

“I needed LST because my GPA was really low.”
– M. N., Law Student, John Marshall Law School

“Before reaching out to LST, I fell below a 2.0 GPA several times and finally realized that I needed help. LST was a good resource for me when I was looking for an Ohio law tutor.”
– Jessica B., Law Student, Cleveland State University, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

“I wanted an Indiana law tutor. LST helped guide me through my 1L year.”
– Jennifer C., Law Student, Valparaiso Law School

“I struggled so much during law school, so when I stumbled upon this business, I just had to contact them. They were so informative and I’m glad they will be around for me once I take the bar exam.”
– Brett S., Law Student, University of Miami School of Law

“LST helped me address the low grades I received during my first semester of law school and realize that I shouldn’t try to prepare without the type of help they offer. Their TBT bar prep program will be really helpful to Hastings law school graduates because they tend to struggle with their bar passage rates.”
– G.G., Law Student, University of California, Hastings College of the Law, Hastings Law School

“I really needed help because I was placed on academic probation. LST was able to answer my questions regarding my struggles with law school exams and with my legal research and writing skills.”
– K.K., Law Student, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

“I really needed a private law tutor so that I could improve in my analysis with Con Law and Contracts subjects.”
– J.W., Law Student, University of San Diego School of Law

“LST helped me narrow my focus and clarify rule statements. They were patient, understanding, and very flexible with my schedule. Golden Gate students will be grateful for just how much feedback they offer, especially since their bar passage rates have been suffering over the past few years.”
– L.H.C., Law Student, Golden Gate University School of Law

“I heard law school is very difficult for a lot of students so I looked for help before my first year. LST answered my questions before I even started law school. Having an online law tutor gives law students an edge in law school and I can see how having an online bar exam tutor would be tremendously helpful.”
– E. Rodriguez, Law Student, Stetson University College of Law

“I contacted LST when I was attending a law school in California. However, because I did not use their services, I did poorly and was expelled from school. I then contacted them again when I was finally readmitted into another school years later. Had I known how helpful they would have been to me during my first attempt at law school, I would have taken them up on the opportunity to do one-on-one law tutoring in a heartbeat.”
– N.S., Law Student, University of La Verne College of Law, La Verne Law School

“I was really struggling with my law school exams until I hired LST as my private law tutor.”
– K.C., Law Student, Southwestern Law School

“LST provided personal assistance that I never would have been able to get from a professor… I learned everything from memorization techniques to how to structure a paragraph.”
– R.B., Law Student, Loyola Law School

“I contacted LST because my school implemented a new grading policy, which required a minimum GPA of 2.7. My cumulative GPA was a 2.6 and I was academically dismissed. LST was really helpful in guiding me with the dismissal process.”
– D.P., Law Student, University of Massachusetts School of Law

“I struggled in my classes, especially Contracts, and LST was helpful in guiding me on how to handle my first year of law school.”
– Brian G., Law Student, Suffolk University Boston Law School

“LST – Law School tutor was really diligent in following up with me throughout my first semester of law school.”
– R. Young, Law Student, Massachusetts School of Law

“I was facing academic dismissal due to an unsuccessful spring semester. After speaking to my professors, I realized that my problem area was exam-taking so I reached out to LST for help.”
– A.G., Law Student, Florida A&M University, College of Law

“LST helped me address my issues with all of my first year classes. Having a Colorado law tutor during that year really saved me when I attempted my professors’ exams at the end of the semester.”
– J.S., Law Student, University of Colorado Law School, UCB Law

“LST helped me master my classes at Golden Gate so that I could transfer to Santa Clara Law.”
– L.C., Law Student, Santa Clara Law

“My second year of law school was so much easier for me because of LST, although it was unfortunate that I had to go online to find the best way to excel in law school. Thank goodness I found the best law tutor so that I could ace law school.”
– M.A., Law Student, Sturm College of Law, University of Denver, Denver University Law, DU Law

“I wanted a Maryland law tutor. LST – Law School Tutor was really helpful in guiding me.”
– J.N., Law Student, Francis King Carey School of Law, University of Maryland

“Law School Tutor helped guide me when I was struggling with my 1L classes, which were Torts, Contracts, Civil Procedure, and Criminal Law.”
– Kerry S., Law Student, University of Baltimore School of Law

“LST was great at helping me with my 1L classes. Private law school tutoring places students at the top of their class.”
– B.M., Law Student, University of New Mexico School of Law

“I needed a Texas law tutor. With LST’s flexible schedule, I was able to do practice exams and spend time with my family.”
– J.F., Law Student, SMU, Dedman School of Law, Southern Methodist University

“I needed a tutor as a 1L student for Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Contracts, but I didn’t realize I should have hired one until my first semester grades came back, during my second semester. Had I realized earlier how helpful one-on-one sessions would be, I would have signed up during my first semester of my first year.”
– K.P., Law Student, University of Texas School of Law

“LST inspired me so much that I almost considered becoming a tutor instead of practicing law.”
– Jennifer, Law Student, University of Houston Law Center

“I needed LST’s help over the summer for Contracts II and Torts II, and then again in the fall for Property II, Evidence and Constitutional Law.”
– Tracy, Law Student, South Texas College of Law

“Having a business like this that really makes every effort to answer your questions before signing up is a true treasure for law students, especially for a student like myself who was grappling with the idea of hiring a Nevada law tutor.”
– C.S., Law Student, University of Nevada, William S. Boyd School of Law

“I needed LST for Torts and Contracts, so that I could get help reviewing material before final exams.”
– Cindy, Law Student, Texas Tech University School of Law

“I needed LST because I had to pull up my GPA to maintain my scholarship. Scholarship money was really important to me because I am a single mom with two young boys. Being enrolled in five classes and juggling a family really took a toll on me.”
– S.M., Law Student, Baylor Law School, Baylor University

“I needed help with Contracts during my 1L year.”
– Olivia J., Law Student, Washington University School of Law

“LST helped me master my law school exams. I was glad that I signed up with a law tutor because my grades greatly improved.”
– C.M., Law Student, Seattle University School of Law

“LST helped me realize it was in my best interest to get help early on in law school and that my search for a Washington law tutor was well-founded.”
– K.B., Law Student, University of Washington School of Law, William H. Gates Hall

“I needed a Utah law tutor and LST was phenomenal at following up with me, especially since it was so difficult to get in touch with me between and after my classes.”
– Ryan B., Law Student, J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University

“I was ecstatic when I found out that there was such thing as a law tutor.”
– Christian, Law Student, S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah

“I contacted LST to help me with Civ Pro, Torts, Professional Responsibility, and all of my other classes. Looking for a North Carolina law tutor was a tedious task until I found LST.”
– K.M., Law Student, Charlotte School of Law

“I contacted LST because I was having a tough time with some of my classes, particularly my legal writing class.”
– A.H., Law Student, North Carolina Central University School of Law

“After using other programs and failing the bar exam several times, I hired The Bar Tutor to help me with my personal struggles with the exam.”
– M.S., Trinity Law School, Trinity Law School at Trinity International University

“I contacted LST and asked about a South Carolina law tutor so that I could get help with my writing skills.”
– D.V., Law Student, Charleston School of Law

“I wanted a tutor because I received mainly Cs and Ds during my first semester of law school. I thought this would place me on academic probation so I reached out to LST and they were really knowledgeable.”
– M. James, Law Student, University of South Carolina School of Law

“I needed help on Evidence, Family Law, Local Government Law, and Animal Law.”
– John E., Law Student, Florida State University College of Law

“I struggled with exams and realized just how helpful tutoring was when I graduated and needed to take the bar exam.”
– Tom M., Law Student, Western New England School of Law

“I found a Georgia law tutor to help me with Contracts during my 1L year.”
– S.P., Law Student, Emory University School of Law

“As a 2L, I was facing possible dismissal, which prompted me to look for a Louisiana law tutor. That’s why LST was a great help to me.”
– C. Roberts, Law Student, Paul M. Hebert Law Center, Louisiana State University

“I hired The Bar Tutor because I needed to improve my legal writing skills. They will be a great asset for future Chapman Law School grads, particularly because Chapman is trying to improve their bar exam results.”
– D.S., Law Student, Chapman University School of Law

“I hired LST over several semesters of law school. During that time, LST helped me obtain high grades, avoid academic probation, and satisfy the foundation points requirement at my law school.”
– Chelsea Gale, Law Student, Western State University College of Law

“I hired LST toward the end of my second semester of my 1L year. What a classic procrastinator’s move! I came across the founder through a friend just by chance. What is scary about not hiring a private law tutor in time is not realizing how much farther a law student could have been had they come across LST’s tutoring program. Because I came to LST so late in the game, I was only able to review a few Property exams. I ran out of time, which is the most precious thing to a law student.”
– E.G., Law Student, Western State University College of Law

“I’m glad I found out that there are Delaware law tutors for law school.”
– T.S., Law Student, Widener University School of Law

LST – Law School Tutor Success Stories

A student who attended a  Tier IV school transferred to USC Law  due to tutoring with LST – Law School Tutor.

A student who received a  1.8 in Torts I  prior to tutoring received a  3.4 in Torts II  after tutoring with LST – Law School Tutor.

A student who was dismissed from a law school before tutoring and who was readmitted into the same school after presenting a plan to tutor with LST – Law School Tutor, received a  4.0 3.9 , and 3.6  due to tutoring.

*The number of testimonials and success stories featured on this page has been limited for the purpose of brevity. It does not provide a cross section of our students because it does not account for the significant amount of students tutored through our program, nor their geographic region. For more information about the law schools that we service, please visit our Where We Tutor section.