What to do when you fail the bar exam & how to pass the bar exam

Did you Fail The Bar Exam?

If it is bar results season, that means that thousands of bar applicants will find out that they passed the bar exam, while thousands will find out they did not. If you did not pass, you are not alone. We realize that this is a disappointing and frustrating time. But you can get through it.

Did you Fail The California Bar Exam?

The most difficult bar exam in the nation is the California bar exam. California pass rates for the California bar exam are on the decline. If you are one of these people, contact The Bar Exam Tutor. We assist students who are tackling the California bar exam.

You are Not Alone if You Failed The Bar Exam

Are you feeing like the only person who failed the bar exam? Bar results are coming out all over the country these days, leading to elation in some and disappointment in others. Many students who fail the exam feel all alone or like they are the only ones in their miserable position. But trust The Bar Exam Tutor, you are not the only person who did not pass the bar exam and you are not alone!

How The Bar Exam Tutor Can Help You Pass The Bar Exam

At The Bar Exam Tutor, we are here to help. In addition to the useful free content below, we offer a range of options from providing an extremely large amount of feedback on practice exams to private tutoring to help you figure out what happened and pass on your next attempt.
The Bar Exam Tutor assists students for every state bar exam, including but not limited to California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and all UBE jurisdictions (MEE + MPT). TBT – The Bar Tutor provides legal knowledge to attack a practice problem, and can help ensure you will write often as you study and prepare for the bar exam. If you received disappointing results because you did not pass the bar examination, you may not have focused on the law that was most likely to be tested.

The Bar Tutor Tutors Students For Every State Bar Exam And the UBE

Available for each state bar exam including California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and the UBE (MEE + MPT), The Bar Exam Tutor dives into problem areas for students. The Bar Tutor sorts real bar questions by category, topic, and subtopic, so you as the law school graduate can easily work on your weak areas or practice subjects that are most likely to come up. The Bar Tutor offers one-on-one bar exam tutoring for every bar exam including but not limited to California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and all UBE/MEE/MPT jurisdictions. Working with a private bar exam tutor is a fabulous way to avoid passive learning and can help you focus your study time on what really matters — writing passing answers.

Strategies & Stories of Coming Back from a Bar Exam Failure

You may be grappling with some strong emotions after receiving poor results on the bar exam. However, The Bar Exam Tutor knows of many attorneys who share this experience about failing the bar exam, particularly the most difficult bar exam in the nation, which is the California bar exam. Our law school graduates who did not have success with Kaplan, Themis or BarBri made decisions to hire a bar exam tutor for their second bar studying attempt. Our students offer some great advice about the benefits of working with a tutor for the bar exam and how it can help you pass the bar exam. If at first you do not succeed, try again. Feel free to get those emotions out and move on. Bar exam failure is common.

Strategies for Success After Failing the Bar Exam

If you failed the bar exam, you might wonder “should I take it again?” If you are one of the thousands upon thousands of disappointed bar takers around the country, we have advice to help you navigate your post-results situation and set yourself up for bar exam success in the future. Here are tips for a repeat bar exam taker: the second time you prepare for the bar will be much different from the first. The Bar Exam Tutor stresses the importance of changing something about your bar review preparation plan the next time around. Here are some of The Bar Tutor’s tips:

Should The Student Who Failed The Bar Exam Take The Bar Exam In Another State?

If you failed the bar exam, you may be wondering if you should take the bar exam in another state. This is a common question that comes up for bar applicants who have failed the bar exam. And like most topics in the legal realm, the answer is: it depends and you need to find out what is right for you. The most difficult bar exams are the California and New York bar exams. These are also the states that contain the most lawyers and where the legal market has been flooded. It may be a wise decision to take an easier bar exam, and have an easier experience in finding a job. One area to consider is Texas, where many businesses have moved. Lawyers have migrated to that state to not only service businesses and gain clients but also because they both are likely to pay less in taxes. It sounds like a win-win-win: easier entry into the legal field, easier to gain employment, and less money exiting out of your pocket once you get that employment!

Are there Specific Sections of the Bar Exam where you are Struggling?

If you received disappointing bar results, you are likely going through the important process of determining what went wrong. For some of you, that might be the MBE. If so, we have some resources that will help you develop a study plan to improve your MBE scores. Are you experiencing problems with essay writing? As you get ready to study again, we want you to make the best preparation plans possible. Contact The Bar Exam Tutor for suggestions about multiple choice allocation and timing and also how to improve your essays.

Should The Student Who Failed The Bar Exam Take The Bar Exam A Second Time with the Same Bar Prep Program like Kaplan, Themis, or Barbri?

Some law graduates wonder if taking Kaplan, Themis or BarBri a second time is a good idea. Too often bar studiers think that if they take the same bar review course and study the same way a second time, they are suddenly, and magically going to pass the bar exam. If you took Kaplan, Themis or BarBri the first time around and did not pass, you should not take it again. Remember, doing the same thing over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

Should The Student Who Failed The Bar Exam Review their Prior Bar Exam Results?

If you received bad bar exam news, one of the first things you need to do is identify what went wrong. You will be amazed at how much you can learn by looking at your score report and thinking back to the exam experience. If you failed the bar exam, one thing you should do is review your essay answers as part of your bar exam study routine. The thought of carefully looking at a bar exam you did not pass may make you cringe and want to run away and hide. But cringing and hiding will not help you pass the bar. Instead, confronting and identifying your areas of weakness through critical evaluation will help you on the bar exam.

Should The Student Who Failed The Bar Exam Seek Counseling?

Some students call a therapist. How you deal with post-bar result stress is the primary determinant of how quickly you will pick yourself up and try again. This is why we think seeking professional help during this period of time is a great idea.

Should The Student Who Failed The Bar Exam Skip The Next Bar Exam?

Does it make sense to skip the nearest bar exam and take the bar examination after that? There may never be a perfect time to study, but sometimes it makes sense to wait until the next exam. Take a look at the pros and cons of waiting to take the bar exam. Even for students who excelled in law school and were on Law Review, the bar exam was a hefty exam that they noted should have been spread out over five months of practicing bar exam tests, rather than two or three months of practice tests for the bar exam.

Should The Student Who Failed The Bar Exam Tell Their Boss Right Away?

How do you tell your boss that you failed the bar exam? The Bar Exam Tutor is here to be clear: you need to tell your boss about your results as soon as possible. Your boss needs to be able to adjust work around the time it will take you to pass the bar exam. Your boss will also appreciate your honesty.

Did you fail the New York bar exam?

Given the rough pass rates for the New York bar exam, there are a huge number of folks who are sad, frustrated, and not sure what to do next. If you are one of these people, contact The Bar Exam Tutor. We assist students who are tackling the New York bar exam.

How can parents help a child who failed the bar exam?

After someone fails the bar, they need all the support they can get, especially from their parents. Contact the Bar Exam Tutor. We often hear from parents, not only when students struggle in law school but, when their child struggles with the bar examination. If you need help for your son or daughter who is taking the bar exam, we are help to answer your questions.

Did you fail the Florida bar exam?

Students who do not pass the Florida bar exam often contact us for assistance. Florida bar exam results have been released and there were plenty of students who did not receive good news. If this is you, it is crucial to understand what went wrong. Feel free to reach out to us so that we can answer your questions about the top reasons why you may have failed the Florida bar exam.

You can still become a great lawyer, even if you fail the bar exam. When bar results are released it is a certainty that many people will be disappointed when their name does not appear on the pass list. If you are one of those bar exam students, you may be thinking that your failing bar exam score means you are not going to be a good lawyer, but this is not a huge predictor.

Make sure This is the Last Time You Take the Bar Exam

If you failed the bar exam, be sure to make this your last time. A second-time passer of the bar exam may not have a great statistical chance of passing. Sometimes a bar exam test-taker will feel down and not in the right mindset and it takes them three times to pass the bar. Keep this in mind if you are taking the bar exam a second time. You want to make sure that your spirits are high and that this will be the last time you take the bar exam. Do things differently to pass the bar exam on the second attempt. When you retake the bar exam, you cannot prepare the same way and expect different results.

If you failed the bar exam, the last thing you want to do is relive the experience. But in order to pass the bar, you need to examine your process of studying and exam taking from start to finish to identify what went wrong and what you can improve next time. Take charge of factors in your control, and learn from past experience surrounding the bar examination.

Know the Traps and Myths of the Bar Exam

There are many myths surrounding the bar examination. To improve your bar exam studying, make sure you spot these myths early. One of them is to use passive bar exam learning provided by one of the major bar prep programs like Kaplan, Themis, or BarBri. Many of these programs place the student before a video. Every time a student listens to someone, they lose that time that they could be using toward answering exams and perfecting their answers. Trial and error is very important and when a student decreases their time for trial and error because they are passively learning from someone else, they are less likely to pass the exam. Another myth is to rely on bar exam material by memorizing. Memorization is only one sliver of the exam: the part of the exam that requires you state a rule. The rest of the exam is analysis and how the student properly evaluates a case. Memorization should be left to the last 2 weeks before the exam, once the student has practiced and mastered analysis. This is also a great strategy because students will often forget information they tried to commit to memory months before. And the last myth is to wait until you receive bar exam results to start studying again for the next bar exam. If you noticed how long it takes to receive bar exam results, you may have noticed that a student could get caught in a vicious cycle. Students usually stop studying once they take the bar. When they receive results, they usually only have about two months before the next exam.

Did you fail the Pennsylvania bar exam?

Were you startled when you failed the Pennsylvania bar exam? If the Penn bar exam results were posted and your name was not on the list, do not overreact. You can do several things to fix this issue. We tutor students for the Pennsylvania bar exam so contact us for some really helpful guidance on the bar exam.

Did you Feel Pressure when you took The Bar Exam and Did you Feel Like A Failure When You Received Results?

There are few events in life that seem to carry as much pressure as the bar exam. In other words, the bar exam is a really, really big event, personally and professionally, to many law school graduates. If you are mourning over this event, call The Bar Exam Tutor. We bring great advice on how to move forward with the bar exam. If you are preparing to retake the bar exam after a disappointing result from a prior test administration, you should have one goal in mind: to pass the exam no matter what is happening in your life. It is not easy, but you need to find a way to put the disappointing results behind you and focus solely on preparing for the upcoming bar exam.

It may be difficult for you to mentally prepare for bar exam failure. Law school graduates sign onto computers at 6:00 pm sharp. If you are one of these students, your heart may be pounding and you may struggle to get great Internet access. However, when you finally get there, your name is not on the pass list. You check the bar exam pass list again and your name is really not on that list. Most individuals have failed once or twice since they were born so do not let this get you down. Most of us miserably. We repeatedly got up to stand and fell down before learning to walk. Some of the most successful people have failed repeatedly before succeeding. Henry Ford’s businesses failed 5 times before he successfully founded Ford Motor company, Stephen King’s first book received 30 rejections before he finally resubmitted it and succeeded in getting his story published. Michael Jordan, a man often referred to as one of the greatest basketball players of all time was cut from his high school basketball team, but Jordan did not let this stop him from playing.

Did you Think You May Not Be able to Work in the Legal Field If You Did Not Pass The Bar Exam?

If you failed the bar exam after your first or even your third try, it is understood that you may be a bit hopeless when looking or a job and you may think that you cannot get a law-related job. The next question is whether you plan to take the bar again or want to find a job that does not require it. Contact us at The Bar Exam Tutor for more of an in-depth discussion.

There is no doubt that failing the bar exam can feel devastating. After investing so much time, effort, and money into law school, it may be difficult to accept the fact that you did not pass this final exam. Establishing a definite plan for what you will do next can help you make peace with the outcome and move forward in a positive way. As you are contemplating your next step after a bar exam failure, you may want to consider if following other paths are right for you.

Contact The Bar Exam Tutor For Help On The Bar Exam

Your 1L, 2L, and 3L years may be difficult and so may be the bar exam. But TBT – The Bar Tutor is always here to help. Do you need a bar exam tutor? TBT – The Bar Tutor is happy to provide academic support for the bar examination. If you are wondering if there are bar tutors near me or you are looking for a bar exam tutor finder for bar exam tutoring services, please contact TBT – The Bar Tutor. TBT can direct you in regards to private bar exam tutoring, online bar tutoring, bar tutoring in your home, and academic success seminars. TBT – The Bar Tutor’s tutoring centers around the law student and doing what is best for the law student’s success, so please reach out to TBT if you are in need of academic advising or bar exam test prep.

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